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Hi Adam,

I have tried all 3 of the options. Anything but No Encryption I get an error: No TLS Available. with no encryption I do get any error just get no results.

On Thunderbird I have use SSL as unchecked. Is any way I can see what is happening on LDAP server connection and look up.

Since you can not see the screen shots below is how I have set it up.

On Evolution I have following setup:

Server Information:
Server: (same on Thunderbird)
Port: 389 (same on Thunderbird)
Encryption: None (on Thunderbird 'Use secure connection' box is unchecked)

Using Distinguished Name (DN)
Username: uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra (On Thunderbird this is called bind DN

Search Base: ou=people,dc=spearsmanufacturing,dc=net (On Thunderbird this is called Base DN)
Search Scope: One Level (On Thunderbird this check box between One level (checked) or Subtree
Search Filter: (objectclass=zimbraAccount) (Same on Thunderbird)

Downloading: 999 (Same on Thunderbird)

Thunderbird has an option for login method set to Simple.

Thanks you time and help,



Ron Tidwell

Spears Manufacturing Co.

Phone: 818 364-1611 x4274

Email: RTidwell spearsmfg net

Email: ron tidwell spearsmanufacturing net


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On Wed, 2020-01-29 at 15:38 +0000, Ronald Tidwell @CA wrote:

I don't think so as it is supposed to be simple authorization. See
the Thunderbird screen shots that work.

Your screenshots do not post to the list; list subscribers don't see

 I don't have simple in evolution so I it set to no encryption. 
When I set with other options I get the error back 'No TLS 

"Simple" is authentication, not encryption.  Simple authentication is
"Use distinguished name (DN)" in evolution.

Have you tried LDAP over SSL with port 636 - a deprecated configuration
but still very common - for encryption.

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