Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

Funny where this discussion turned, no?

It's strange that it's only recently been raised and now gets
frequently brought up ... it's almost as if there's some concerted
effort from somewhere ...

For my part, I strongly deny this very thought. I am an individual,
writing my own thoughts and certainly not receiving any orders in this

On the other hand, what effect is this supposed to have, if it were
true? What do you expect - or fear?

I sense a certain feeling of nostalgia, and quite some pride in the
history you (plural) folks have in here. And quite rightfully so. The
list archive shows 20 years of support history, that's quite something.
On the other hand you cannot deny the strong head wind one encounters
if they ever dare question the "old" methods, the ways it's always

Meh, I didn't want to engage any deeper in this discussion, especially
after the starting post to this very topic. My apologies. You are the
people who offer answers on this list, so it's up to you to decide its
form and extent. I hereby retreat to my own issue, which hasn't occured
again since I am using the debugging... Sorry.

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