Re: [Evolution] Evolution causes reboot, where should I look for debugging?

Hello Milan,

I am entering the command:
CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& ~./log/evoDebug.log

Wouldn't this record the 8 imap accounts anyways? 

do not do that. You said the crash happens when closing the composer
window. That's not the time when IMAP is called. At all.

Good point. It seems to be related to the composer, since the crashes
happen when some composer activity is involved. 
I really did not see anything in the evoDebug.log file abovementioned.

Evolution may have shown something on its stderr too, maybe.

Follow Andre's instructions, being there a crash, the coredumpctl may
catch it (if your distro uses it). 

⟪PCThinkpad-manjaro⟫ in ~ with /bin/zsh took 3s 
🕙[ 11:32:48 ] ➜ whereis coredumpctl
coredumpctl: /usr/bin/coredumpctl /usr/share/man/man1/coredumpctl.1.gz
it does. I will learn 0how to use it and see if I can catch something.

There are other ways to catch
threads, like to ...

Thanks. That is really useful. I'll try those methods. Thanks a lot for
taking the time to explain me in such detail.

Though from what you see I'd guess the problem is somewhere deeper
in Evolution. That it doesn't strike elsewhere can be just because
conditions to trigger it were not met (the crash may require certain
conditions, which "only Evolution" triggers).

I have the same feeling. When the conditions are not there (i.e. not
using the two monitors) then I have no problems. Yet, so far only
evolution triggered the crash when the conditions were not met.

I have my desktop back so I do not need to use the notebook with both
monitors but will keep doing it in order to get to the cause.

All the best,

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