Re: [Evolution] Stuck on fetching POP3 mail, how to debug?

Every so often Evolution gets stuck completely on fetching mail,
usually from the same three of my seven mail accounts. It's on the
POP3 mailboxes only, and while one is a German freemail service, the
other two are on my own server. Nothing really helps but to forcibly
close Evolution, and when I restart it the emails in question are
marked as "read" on the server (checked via webmail) and will no
longer be downloaded. In some cases this is crucial if it's bills for
my business, which I need to receive ofc., and archive.

Hey there again, back on topic: Just now it happened again. Sadly the
logfile (generated by "CAMEL_DEBUG=pop3 evolution >& logfile") doesn't
show any hint for me. It just stopped mid-sentence:


Per my previous experience I can leave it sit like this, fully
unresponsive, for hours. Only help is shutting down Evolution
forcefully, often even the hard way using xkill. This time it responded
to clicking the window frame [x] (in my case still upper right corner),
which resulted in this message:

(evolution:2276): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 09:23:20.921: Your application
did not unregister from D-Bus before destruction. Consider using
r.c(1201): message_time= [1597906886]

After that it's a few more normal lines of pop3 stream messages, and an
orderly closing of that stream (compared to the other mail accounts I

I found no errors and nothing out of order except of these two

What troubles me a lot though is that this happened to a "new" mail
account today, one it hasn't happened to before. And one out of my
control, it's one of my work accounts.

Any thoughts or ideas? Any way to search in much more detail? Thank

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