Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

On Fri, 2020-08-21 at 15:31 +0200, mwrsa web de wrote:
More constructively: Evolution 3.38 will have an updated composer
backend. You might want to check that version to be released next
month, but no idea when or how your distribution might ship it. Will
likely require an upgrade but that's a question for you distribution.

Please don't consider me ignorant or anything, but is there a beta
testing version somewhere out there, preferrably in .deb format? I'd
love to give it a test ride!

Not really.  The developers don't package the code at all, even release
versions, that is all done by which ever distro you use. To try a
development version (which in this case would be 3.37.x) you need to
download the source and compile it yourself. For more information on
that see

It may be that there is a Flatpak version out there, but that comes
with it's own problems and I'm not sure I would recommend going down
that route.

Ok, I admit, I have to add another question here: Is there a reason
why this is done vial mailing list, and not using some forum
platform? I'd clearly prefer the latter form, and with some issues
you could just find the solution using the web search of your choice
without having to bother this whole group by asking.

The mailing list archives are indexed and searchable using your
favourite search engine.  So usually just searching for the problem
will come up with mailing list messages.

The archive pages also have a search function.

If you want it more targetted then you can use the Google site search.
i.e. search for something like 

  site: composer

The archives are (clearly) indexed, but I suspect that the results are
drowned out by the search algorithms promoting bigger sites. You often
get results from distro specific forums where the answers might not be
of the, err, highest quality.

I have no idea why people seem to think that you can't search the past
mailing list messages.


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