[Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

Ubuntu Version: 20.04.01 x64
Evolution Version: 3.36.4-0ubuntu1 

Evolution Team,

I have been using Evolution for 10+ years on Ubuntu. I use it with Office365.
The weekeast thing about Evolution is it's editor. It's a disaster. It needs serious attention.

1) UNDO is a disaster
If I paste something and then hit CTRL-Z or UNDO the editor just randomly deletes text or re-formats the email.

2) Copy-Paste is a disaster
When I attempt to paste something the editor sometimes just randomly pastes the text somewhere. And if I try to "UNDO" - well, see complaint #1.

3) Inserting Signatures
Inserting a signature AFTER I type my reply is a disaster. The editor just shits the signature somewhere - usually in the middle of my typed response. And if I try to "UNDO" - well, see complaint #1. If I select NO SIGNATURE my typed texted is mangled.

4) Using the built-in formating barely works. Again, the editor ends up mangling the text.

If I have to type a serious, well thought, long response, I dare not use the Evolution editor. I usually use LibreOffice Write or a text editor because it is almost guarnteed the Evolution editor will mangle it. It's very frusting that such an important tool is not realiable.

Please dedicate some time and resources to addressing or replacing the editor.

Thank you.

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