Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

More constructively: Evolution 3.38 will have an updated composer
backend. You might want to check that version to be released next
month, but no idea when or how your distribution might ship it. Will
likely require an upgrade but that's a question for you distribution.

Please don't consider me ignorant or anything, but is there a beta testing version somewhere out there, 
preferrably in .deb format? I'd love to give it a test ride!

Concerning the whole content of this discussion: Yes, I love plain text mails too, and prefer them by... 98% 
I guess. I started using Ximian Evolution around the early 2000s, both privately and for my business. I have 
had an issue here and there, but this may be an average of 1 issue per 5 years, and none related ti the 
"disasters" mentioned here. The current issue (why I am subscribed) hasn't occurred again since I start 
Evolution with debugging, and the one before was a deleted (empty) folder Evolution needs to check on its 
mail storage format (blame fslint on that one...)

Evolution certainly HAS its kinks and stuff, but that does by no means justify the form of this "support 
demand", and folks on this list here are incredibly patient, friendly and helpful. Thank you for offering 
this help!

Ok, I admit, I have to add another question here: Is there a reason why this is done vial mailing list, and 
not using some forum platform? I'd clearly prefer the latter form, and with some issues you could just find 
the solution using the web search of your choice without having to bother this whole group by asking.

Pls feel free to fork off this question, if it's worth more than a smol simple answer, that is :-)

Cheers, keep up the great work! Martin

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