Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

Yes of course. How silly of me. I should have subscribed to the list
some 15 or 17 years ago, because you know, I might need some solution
now. Err... please excuse my sarcasm.

I tend to stay away from sarcasm on international lists because non-
native speakers often find it difficult to deal with. The subtleties of
English sarcasm are sometimes hard to fathom if you aren't used to it.

 What you wrote might work for you if you provide the solutions to
those who seek help. For people like me there is again no other way
than to ask.

Well, that's sort of what the list is for: you ask, we answer because
we have been inhabiting the list and using Evolution for a long time.

You know, there is also another route for people seeking help with
Evolution, there's this nice little "Help" item in the menu with a
section on what to do when things aren't working.  We often point
people to it, it's not as if it's hard to find.

 You know, you kinda brought over my point even better than I could,
in two ways:

1. Google did NOT bring up the solution for my current question, only
an outdated way. I don't remember what I searched for, though, I am
quite sure it did not contain "debug" but something like "evolution
stuck on fetching pop3 mail" or so.

Google isn't magic - that's a very specific query and would need some
one else to have phrased a question in a similar way.

2. A public archive - like a forum, or in this case, the list archive
- can be searched for solutions by each individual.

Yeah, a searchable list archive would be very useful wouldn't it ...

One question I totally cannot answer for myself easily is, tho: Why
do I find a forum way more attractive, more helpful, better
browseable? One point might be if a list archive can only be accessed
via the standard tree view (aka clickathon), while you simply scroll
your way through a forum. Another is the retro charm of said view. 

These sorts of comments are starting to get a bit troll like ...

Probably there is more to it. Maybe also the fact that I used mailing
lists some n years ago where n>10 and at some point I (or the
internet around me?) "evolved" into forums? Just my 0.02€

It's tragic really isn't it. Us troglodytes here still using email to
support an email client is just so last century. Giving answers for
free on free software in a format that suits us, it's just not cool is

Funny where this discussion turned, no?

It's strange that it's only recently been raised and now gets
frequently brought up ... it's almost as if there's some concerted
effort from somewhere ...


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