Re: [Evolution] [OT] Evolution setup

On 2020-08-18 at 17:57 +0100, rogercreagh wrote:
the beauty of a forum is that it puts you the user in control of what
you see and when you see it.

You can ignore threads, 

A good email client would allow you to do that.
(wait, where's that feature in evolution?)

or whole categories/sub-forums that don't interest you,

mailman does support multiple categories. Although I don't think I have
ever seen that in use.

you can be notified when there is something for you in particular, 

You could set a filter to "notify" you when whatever conditions arise.
I agree the forum presets are generally better, since few people would
set that up, though.

you can go away for a month and easily catch up when you get back,

You can go away for a month, and read the pending list mail when you get
back (or not).
You might not be keen on replying to an old mail a month later, but it's
the same issue as replying to an old forum thread.

you can easily browse through previous topics that might answer your
question, and so on.

And do people really do that? It also depends on what is considered
"easily", too.

Oh yes, and if you are a diehard non-web person you can even have all
posts delivered to your inbox as email and continue to drink from the

It depends a lot on communities. Some communities are forum-fans, while
other are fans or mailing lists. There are some communities which died
after moving from a mailing list format to a forum (while others

In general, I would be very wary of changing the status-quo.

You do have some good points, though.
The "mailing lists are hard to browse" would probably be solved with
mailman3's hyperkitty, which gives a forum-feel to the archives.
I don't like that it tries to add things like "voting", though, as that
escapes the role of a mailing list.


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