Re: [Evolution] [OT] Evolution setup

On Tue, 2020-08-18 at 10:27 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
And I dislike Forums with a vengeance.  What is wrong with email - we

are discussing an email client, why not use email.  Sorry, I forgot,

it's "old school"; everything has to be a web app to be cool now.

Actually I don't subscribe to the cult of the cool. But the trouble with email for this sort of use is it 
only really works if you are following all the threads all the time. 
It arrives willy nilly warts and all, which is fine if you are continuously actively involved.

The beauty of a forum (and by the way Discourse is built by people who hated forums and wanted something 
better - they tend not to like people calling it forum software, even though that is what it is - just much 
improved over phpBB or Fidonet or previous efforts; it stands on their shoulders.)
as I was saying (incidentally why is my reply to this message not word-wrapping when composing - lines are 
just going on forever in both html and plain text mode - hopefully your client will be wrapping the text)
as I was saying again having hit [enter], the beauty of a forum is that it puts you the user in control of 
what you see and when you see it. You can ignore threads, or whole categories/sub-forums that don't interest 
you, you can be notified when there is something for you in particular, you can go away for a month and 
easily catch up when you get back, you can easily browse through previous topics that might answer your 
question, and so on.
Oh yes, and if you are a diehard non-web person you can even have all posts delivered to your inbox as email 
and continue to drink from the firehose.

Different solutions for different folk, neither is right or wrong. For me email is good for one to one 
conversation and ok for broadcast one to many information, but pretty rubbish for many to many 


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