Re: [Evolution] Evolution setup

On Sun, 2020-08-16 at 22:14 +1000, Alex Evans via evolution-list wrote:

1) Yes, Linux in general is made for programmers, those confident in
command line ...
And the echos of that genesis persist even in the various GUIs,
although largely hidden now. You could say that the underlying
philosophy is to let the users do whatever they want (total freedom)
whereas Windows and MacOS put a lot of effort into understanding how
most users work in practice and providing tools optimised for that -
with varying amounts of flexibility to deviate. 

3) The people in the forum, are trying to help (from my own experience)
, but - they are unable to get down to our "Layman" level naturally, so
when you pose a question, be specific and say where you are at this
Indeed, but part of our problem is that Evolution is still using a
Mailman mailing list for support which is really old school so you join
it  but can't see what has been discussed before (well you may be able
to visit the list archives, but that is not at all the same as browsing
a well structured forum)

This also means that we arrive with a burning question/issue and
unaware of protocols like "no html please" and "no top posting" . This
can also contribute to a techie and closed feel. (Incidentally I think
you used to be able to disable html in the mailman settings so perhaps
the listadmin could do that - or maybe the options have changed since I
ran mailman lists)

1) I am used to Outlook in Windows. I created a backup and imported it
into Evolution - there is an Import option - under the File menu
It took a few failed attempts but I have managed to import stuff from
Mac Mail now. So folders all go under "On this computer" and you can
move stuff from different account inboxes to common folders there.

3) Evolution installs with a UNIFIED inbox by default. All my many
email accounts are comming into ONE Inbox
I think you must be using POP rather than IMAP. A few years ago there
was pressure to move from POP3 to IMAP from some service providers and
suggestions that POP was somehow not as good. It might be that the best
solution to my initial issue would be to go back to using POP3. I'll
have to look in to that.

Thanks for the suggestions Alex. I'm sure we'll get there in the in
even if the path is not always obvious.


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