[Evolution] Evolution setup

Hi Roger,

I am also new to Linux, after 30 years with Windows and am
struggling.... I will make some general comments first:

1) Yes, Linux in general is made for programmers, those confident in
command line ...
2) What makes it more "Interesting" is the fact that there are so many
versions, when you look for something - be sure to ask specifically for
your own version and your GUI setup.
3) The people in the forum, are trying to help (from my own experience)
, but - they are unable to get down to our "Layman" level naturally, so
when you pose a question, be specific and say where you are at this
4) Linux is a very open OS and offers many configuration options, which
for beginners like us makes it confusing. Most of those options can
only be executed through command line / Terminal commands, unlike the
GUI you and I are used to.
5) Like you, comming from a very different environment, any new
software package will lokk "Not as good", but - now to Evolution:

1) I am used to Outlook in Windows. I created a backup and imported it
into Evolution - there is an Import option - under the File menu
2) Evolution is a very powerful package. All my folders were imported
from Outlook.
3) Evolution installs with a UNIFIED inbox by default. All my many
email accounts are comming into ONE Inbox
4) When you setup your email accounts - do it AFTER you import your
backup from Apple. In the process for each account, you get the option
to nominate, which email account the account will reply from. It is
your choice to reply from the receiving account, or from ONE account
for all accounts.
5) IN my case, I am using only POP setup, so I opted to copy my setup
details from my Outlook setup and not leave it to Evolution to do it

Hope this can help you, 


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