Re: [Evolution] Evolution setup

3) The people in the forum, are trying to help (from my own
, but - they are unable to get down to our "Layman" level
naturally, so
when you pose a question, be specific and say where you are at this
Indeed, but part of our problem is that Evolution is still using a
Mailman mailing list for support which is really old school so you
join it  but can't see what has been discussed before (well you may
be able to visit the list archives, but that is not at all the same
as browsing a well structured forum)

It is not a "problem".  If you want FREE support, the mailing list
exists.  Posting your questions to a Forum will likely not do any good,
as I - who don't have a problem - and not going to take the time to go
read whatever is on some forum.  You WANT the messages to come to my

And you can search the mail archives using any Internet search engine;
you have to do nothing else.

This also means that we arrive with a burning question/issue and
unaware of protocols like "no html please" and "no top posting" .
This can also contribute to a techie and closed feel

But what you want is techie support, right?

Adam Tauno Williams, awilliam whitemice org
Multi-Modal Activists Against Auto Dependent Development
resisting the unAmerican socialists of the Motorist hegemony 

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