Re: [Evolution] Buckup & Restore command dont work UPDATE and Thanks

Fine - there is a difference between the way Evolution works in it's
default configuration, and what you consider the correct way to reply
on this mailing list.

The default settings, and current practices, should however be taken
into consideration before you object to people not doing what you

That is all.

On Thu, 2019-09-19 at 10:38 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
You persist in misinterpreting what we're saying:

 * This is a *mailing list*.
 * The norms and practices of a mailing list are not the same as
   used in other circumstances.
 * On this mailing list, as on many others, we prefer that people do
   not use top-posting because it makes long threads (including this
   one) significantly harder to follow.

That's all.


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