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Hi Pete,

Thank for your answers,
Mine in the text below

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Le Sunday 15 September 2019 à 17:17 +0100, Pete Biggs a écrit :
I don't know why but some messages of the list goes into SPAM box but not by Evolution but my Internet Operator (here is SFR in France). Unless I have put the list in green mode but seems wont work...

But I need to know, when I will reinstall the system and apps, did
the fresh install of Evolution recognize my "old" account ? Or have I
have to do something ?

Evolution will recognise the existing account. I've upgraded my system
lots of times - new hardware, new install of OS - and all I've ever
done is to copy over the same home directory and Evolution has just
started up with the same configuration and content as before. It knows
about and recognises data from old versions of Evolution and upgrades
databases and locations automagically. I haven't started with a virgin
home directory for about 10 years!
Ok, that sounds very good.
So I just have to reinstall system and apps, open Evolution and ??? Evolution ask for something or not ? Where can I say to Evolution that there is an account in my Home directory ?

About the compressed tar file, what are the directory compressed ? 

It depends on your version of Evolution.  In general you can find the
location of the data in the builtin help

 Help -> Contents -> Common other questions -> Data storage locations
Ok, seems that Evolution have every files and directories in Home/

The tar file will not contain the cache files and the configuration
settings are dumped from DCONF to a file, otherwise it is just a
straight compressed tar file of the data directories.

Did Evolution have all his directories in my home/ hidden

Yes. (Because Evolution runs as a user process it won't be sure to have
permissions to store things elsewhere.)
Ok, thanks a lot


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