Re: [Evolution] Buckup & Restore command dont work UPDATE and Thanks

On Wed, 2019-09-18 at 18:06 +0200, Gary Curtin wrote:
No, the cursor is at the top because that is where you start typing.
This is explicit in the default setting, which you want anyone replying
on this list to change to "start typing at the bottom".

So this IS weird because this is a forum for Evolution, but you don't
want the members to use the default setting. Maybe weird is not the
right adjective. How about uncanny?

You appear to misunderstand what the point of the default setting is.
To expand on Andre's explanation, the long-accepted style of replies on
Internet mailing lists is to insert comments after the quoted material
one is commenting on, and to include *only* that material in the reply.
You'll note that I'm doing exactly that here. In fact I simply ignored
the default cursor position since the part I wanted to quote was
contained in a single section. I marked it in the original message and
hit Reply, and the cursor was correctly positioned at the bottom of the
selected text. The only case where this wouldn't work is when I might
want to insert multiple comments at different points, in which case I
would start at the top (the "default cursor position") and proceed to
delete the parts I didn't want to include, inserting comments along the

As has been explained several times on this list (see the archives) the
pernicious practice of top-posting is a kludge introduced by Microsoft
Outlook and subsequently copied by other mail clients to the extent
that it has become the norm, especially in the corporate world. In any
context the polite thing to do is follow accepted practice. On mailing
lists the use of top-posting is generally frowned on because it's
inefficient and confusing. This is especially true when there are long
threads with multiple exchanges between several contributors. Quoting
entire messages (which top-posting encourages) is one side-effect which
we can well do without. We have list archives for a reason. The
corporate world mostly doesn't use archives and so copies of copies of
copies is the way to keep a record of exchanges. It's a bad solution
and we'd rather avoid it.

Thanks for your attention.


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