Re: [Evolution] Buckup & Restore command dont work

On Sun, 2019-09-15 at 18:34 +0200, Philippe PES wrote:
Evolution will recognise the existing account. I've upgraded my
systemlots of times - new hardware, new install of OS - and all I've
everdone is to copy over the same home directory and Evolution has
juststarted up with the same configuration and content as before. It
knowsabout and recognises data from old versions of Evolution and
upgradesdatabases and locations automagically. I haven't started with
a virginhome directory for about 10 years!
Ok, that sounds very good. So I just have to reinstall system and apps,
open Evolution and ??? Evolution ask for something or not ? Where can I
say to Evolution that there is an account in my Home directory ?

It will just see it when you start Evolution (assuming it's all in the
same place). You don't have to tell it anything.


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