[Evolution] Buckup & Restore command dont work

Hi all,

Context: I have had a bad crash on my main computer (probably due to Amarok, not Evolution). Result of this crash is a very instable system, return to English language without possibiliy to reset French language and some annoying error like impossibility to save an attached file receveid in a mail.
Ok, I have search for week on the web some tips to fix there and seems worse than I have imagine.
So, I have to reinstall my system... This is an OpenSuse Tumbleweed with KDE desktop on a classic tower machine, nothing exotic...

But before to do that I want to make some backup, ok with documents and anyelses stuffs.

This morning, I try to backup Evolution with the file->Backup command and ... don't work....
Precisely I got the first dialog (name of the archive and location to save), push ok button and have the second dialog (where you can choice to restart or not Evolution when backup is finished )
and here when I clic GO the dialog disappear and nothing is running...

I'm quite sure is it not a bug with Evolution but probably due to my system instability....

Question : I need to know if it's possible to backup entirely my Evolution mail, datas and configuration in another way ? like command line ???

Thank you very much for help and apologize about my English that is named Frenglish... ;-))

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