Re: [Evolution] Mail server doesn't show up

It is unhelpful that evolution by default chose pop3 for
userid yahoo com.

I've just tried to configure a yahoo account and it does it as IMAP on
the version I use (3.28.3).  I don't know why it chose to use POP for
you - I didn't think that POP was the default for anything!

I don't know what the newest version does.  I hope it either offers a
menu or radio button, or maybe a "query servers for server types"

Again, this is on the latest stable version, but when you enter the
account identity on the configuration pages there is a tick box at the
bottom that controls if it tries to look up what to do for that
particular email address. (It's a standard DNS lookup feature that most
mail providers implement.)  I think on previous versions it was a
button that allowed you to skip the lookups.  If you don't let it
automatically choose the account type you get a config page with a
drop-down to choose what to use.

If a service offers both imap and pop protocols, it seems to me that
imap is definitely to be preferred.

IMAP is the default AFAICS.


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