Re: [Evolution] Mail server doesn't show up

On Sun, 2018-07-08 at 20:18 +0000, Siv wrote:


Thanks for the explanation, given that I only have 1 POP3 account I
will just treat "On this computer" as that account. I may redo the
account as IMAP like it was originally as I am not sure why I selected
the POP3 version when I switched to Linux. Particularly as the
filtering idea sounds a bit complex.

I also appreciate the explanation.

It is unhelpful that evolution by default chose pop3 for
userid yahoo com.  (I don't know which version because it's not my
computer, it's a 90 minute drive to visit it, and the owner isn't home
anyway.  I can ask her for the version when she gets home next week, if
it's actually interesting.)

I don't know what the newest version does.  I hope it either offers a
menu or radio button, or maybe a "query servers for server types"

If a service offers both imap and pop protocols, it seems to me that
imap is definitely to be preferred.

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