Re: [Evolution] POP3 features / Re: Mail server doesn't show up

Please excuse me for re-ordering the post so it's better to reply to.
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POP means "post office protocol". The concept behind it is that it
works like the post office: you have a mailbox in the post office that
all your mail is delivered into and you retrieve it from there. That's
all it does. You can go and get your mail and parcels from USPS or UPS
or whoever but they all end up in the same place - your hands! (It's a
30 year old protocol, give me some slack!)

That is why Evolution puts everything into your Inbox "On this
Computer" ready for you to sort through (either physically or
automatically).  All Outlook is doing is automatically sorting it
whether you want it to or not.

RFC 1939  - POP3 says there is the DELE command, with which a client
can decide to leave the email on the server or delete it.

Yes, I know, but that is, to be honest, and I hope you don't mind me
saying, a bizarre response to my post. I was very careful NOT to make
any comment on the benefits or otherwise of the protocol. It was merely
an explanation and background as to why Evolution delivers POP mail to
a particular mailbox.

It is up to the user to decide what is best for them. If they asked
"should I use POP or IMAP", then I could give them the pros and cons of
each, which would no doubt include a discussion of how POP by default
removes mail when it is retrieved, but POP3 has extended the protocol
to allow mail to stay on the server and be subsequently deleted - and
it would also include my opinion that for a novice user who has no
specific requirements, IMAP is invariably the route to go - POP3 has
its place for some people.


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