Re: [Evolution] Mail server doesn't show up

The gmail account is imap.  It works.  The setup wizard chose pop3 for
the yahoo account.  I pushed the button to check for authentication, and
it didn't respond.  So I tried imap (and changed the server address to and it responded quickly.  But the account still didn't
appear in the left panel.

When I push the button to send queued mail and refresh inboxes, it shows
both the yahoo and gmail accounts in the progress window.

POP accounts don't have their own entry in the side bar. POP as a
protocol sucks mail from a server and the mail actually resides on your
local machine - with IMAP the mail stays on the server.  Consequently a
POP account (in fact all POP accounts) mail is in the "On This
Computer" folders.

As for changing the server type - it usually doesn't work well once
things are setup. Try deleting the account and starting again.  You
might do well to shutdown Evolution to let things catch up - you may
have to go further (like logging out) since there are some background
processes that may need to re-read the configuration.

I think the evolution version is fairly old -- it's whatever is bundled
with Scientific Linux 6.9.

Unfortunately there are so many different Linux versions and distros
out there that giving the distro info doesn't mean much to most people.


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