Re: [Evolution] Subfolders under Inbox suddenly disappeared

On Sun, 2017-05-28 at 21:08 -0400, Dr. John H. Lauterbach wrote:
Looking for way of rebuilding database as size of vfolders.db is
correct size for containing missing subfolders.

that file is not used for several releases, including yours. Even if it
would be used, it contains only summary information, which is subset of
information, basically anything you can see in the message list.
Similarly with folders.db file, it contains only summary information.

You said that you have missing folders in
with compare of your other evolution installation, where are possibly
the same folders defined. It's impossible to populate folders.db file
with information which is not on the disk (I guess it's understood from
the first paragraph, when it's clear what information is stored there).

I've no idea what could happen that you do not have there the files,
neither in the UI. Being it a delete on the disk (unlikely, from my
point of view), then maybe check a Trash and try to restore those files
if there. Otherwise I'm afraid the information on the local disk is

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