Re: [Evolution] Subfolders under Inbox suddenly disappeared

Thank you, Peter.  We use Nemo with the "show hidden files" option on. If they were there, we would see them as I double checked with my laptop PC where same version of evolution and same OS is being used.

Looking for way of rebuilding database as size of vfolders.db is correct size for containing missing subfolders.


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From: Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] Subfolders under Inbox suddenly disappeared
Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 19:21:00 +0100

All e-mail accounts on secretary's PC are POP. If I go to /home/holly/.local/share/evolution/mail, I don't see the list of subfolders that used to be there and I find on my PC for evolution 3.20.5
If it's POP, then the mail is stored in the local folders so you should be looking in .local/share/evolution/mail/local - and, apologies if you already know this, the mail is stored in Maildir format so the actual mail folder names all start with a '.' so you will have to use 'ls -a' to see them. P. _______________________________________________ evolution-list mailing list evolution-list gnome org To change your list options or unsubscribe, visit ...

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