[Evolution] Subfolders under Inbox suddenly disappeared

RE: Evolution 3.20.5 running under Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

Between the time my secretary left the past Wednesday and when she started work Friday noon (PC running all the time, APC UPS on incoming power line) Evolution lost the subfolders under Inbox.  I tried deleting renaming folders.db to folders.dbb and letting Evolution rebuild folders.db on restart, but no change, with about 4K e-mails in the Inbox that had not been sorted into subfolders.  Unfortunately, no recent full Evolution backup available.  Have checked disk partitions for errors using "Check" function on bootable CD-ROM version of Gparted and all are okay.

One other note:  The bookmarks list for Firefox was also lost.

Can this problem be fixed?  If so, how?

Thank you.


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