[Evolution] Evolution lost my follow-up flags after an IMAP server update

Hi.  I use Evolution on a fully updated Ubuntu 16.04.2 64bits
installation.  The email server runs Expresso – a free mail server from
the Brazilian government.  According to Milan Crha
in [2015-10-15 Thu][^1], this email server misbehaves.

Now, last week we were warned that the mail server would be upgraded
during the weekend.  When I opened Evolution today, Inbox had just one
email (missing many) and Evolution warned me about search folder
reconfiguration due to missing folders – missing real IMAP folders, that
is.  I then resubscribed to the missing IMAP folders in Claws Mail (I
did not try resubscribing in Evolution).  Two problems remained in
1. In one large folder, all emails became unread.
2. I lost all follow-up flags.

I am not concerned about problem 1, but I would like a solution for
problem 2.  Do you have ideas?

[^1]: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/evolution-list/2015-October/msg00059.html
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