Re: [Evolution] No inbox

On Sat, 2017-05-27 at 16:06 +1000, nejekipl wrote:
Hi, Milan,

no real reply to the thread you started earlier? That's weird. Unless
you are not on the mailing list. Or?

ike@debiank:~$ evolution
** (evolution:1942): CRITICAL **: em_utils_folder_is_sent: assertion
'CAMEL_IS_FOLDER (folder)' failed
** (evolution:1942): WARNING **: Shell not finalized on exit
ike@debiank:~$ \

Server type is SMTP and POP
Receiving mail is SMTP Out going is POP.

SMTP is for sending, POP is for receiving. Just to make it clear.

POP messages can be seen in On This Computer/Inbox. It's stored in
Do you have access there?

Do you see On This Computer/Inbox in the Evolution? I asked for more
than just the terminal output. All I asked for earlier would help a

What if you create a new user, log in with it, then create the same
POP+SMTP account there, will the messages be shown? Make sure you
disable "Delete messages from the server" in that account, thus it
would be possible to download them also from the main account.

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