Re: [Evolution] compile my own --- in addition to: Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

Am Dienstag, den 09.06.2015, 12:44 -0400 schrieb Paul Smith:

If your goal with staying back with Ubuntu 12.04 is to avoid GNOME 3,

BTW (and as we've gone OT anyway): As I'm using Evolution 3.2.3 here,
shouldn't I be on Gnome 3.2 at least ? (never cared how to check, what
gnome is under the house ...)

then you're kind of out of luck.  The best you can do is build and
install Evolution AND good chunk of GNOME 3 in some non-standard
directory, then try to get Evo to run with it and live with the various
missing features and capabilities that come with not having a full GNOME
3 desktop.

This is something very few people are willing to do.

I don't want to avoid Gnome3, I (personally) want to avoid Unity, and I
don't want to tell my boss (who knows the big W as they all do) we have
to upgrade our systems every 6 month. But that won't keep me away from a
recent Evolution version - I hope ...

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