Re: [Evolution] compile my own --- in addition to: Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

Note that Xubuntu 14.04 Evolution packages are pretty old, even
ancient (3.10 if I understand right). Even Vivid 15.04 has very old
packages. So I compile my own from time to time. Alternatively, if you
upgrade to Vivid 15.04, you can use Fabien Tassin PPA here:  and use 3.16.x
which is relatively recent. 

I'm often noticed - particularly on this list, that my Evolution
packages are pretty old, even ancient (and here it's 3.2.3 as it came
with Precise and it will doggonit stay as long as Precise stays or I'll
find a safe way to do, what Emre Erenoglu does). But what is the
(Ubuntu) procedure for that ?

I don't use Ubuntu, but you appear to have replied to a message
containing a link to a PPA that contains the information on how to add
it to your system.

I'd love to compile my own Evolution from time to time - as practically
everyone here on the list seems to do from the sound of it ?!!

No, not at all.  I don't think I've ever compiled Evo - well I might
have done in the Ximian days before Evo ever reached version 1.

But there seems to be not even one simple "cookbook" to do it, but lots
of comments, that those distros that don't keep Evolution up to a recent
version are dirt cheap.

You have a free choice over which distro you use - your choice may be
determined by factors other than the version of the software it
contains, but it is, nevertheless, a free choice.  There are distros
that keep Evolution reasonably up to date (such as Fedora); there are
distros that provide the environment and tools to compile anything and
everything; there are distros that have third parties who provide non
-official packages for recent versions of software (such as Ubuntu).

I don't see the fun of it. Finally, I'd like to get to know an Ubuntu
user who knows how - and who passes this straightaway to this list or to
a web site.

If your choice is to use a very old distro, then that comes with
consequences.  If you are inexperienced at building software packages,
then I suspect you are going to have a very hard time, even with a lot
of hand-holding, building a recent version of Evolution, and all its

If you really want to stick with your current distro AND you want to
use a recent version of Evo, then I suspect your best bet might be to
install a recent distro in a virtual machine - but that seems a bit
overkill just to use Evolution.


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