Re: [Evolution] Removing Ubuntu 9.04, Installing 14.04. How to move Evo?

If I am not supposed to create this new folder (or "label") in my GMail
account, as indicated above, then I'm afraid I still could not
understand where this new folder is supposed to be. You have said
"Create a new folder and just put it there"-- but I am not following
where this "there" is, if not in the gmail GUI mail program.

In Evolution.  You should have your Gmail account as an entry in the
left hand pane, you can create folders within Evolution under the Gmail
entry and those folders will be stored on your Gmail account.  This is
how IMAP works.

And you are saying that once I create that folder--wherever it is
supposed to be--I will then be able to see that folder in my evo GUI on
my desktop, correct?



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