Re: [Evolution] attachments issue

On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 17:48 +0200, Thomas Prost wrote:
Am Freitag, den 17.05.2013, 10:52 -0430 schrieb Patrick O'Callaghan: 
On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 12:15 +0200, Thomas Prost wrote: (probably your own machine) (your local mail server?) (some intermediate relay)
That's all my carrier, whose policy I know ...

That's entirely fortuitous. There's no way in general that you can
predict what sequence of relays a message is going to go through.

... no need to presage. Look at my mails: Convinced of their divine
mission their sequence will always be the same ;-)

I think you missed the point. Certainly for a given pair of
corresponding hosts the route is likely to be quite stable, but you
can't apply that rule universally.


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