Re: [Evolution] About performance

On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 17:14 +0100, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)  
I think you can tell when people are extremely happy because they join
this list to lurk and find new interesting things.  When they are even
happier or just know enough then they start helping people.  

Also "Friends argue.  Enemies don't care".  There might be 1 or 2
things that really bug you but not enough to drive you away.  That
doesn't make those 1 or 2 things any less annoying.  
Regards from 
Tom :)


FWIW on other mailing list I claimed several times that in the future
I'll use another MUA. I had absolutely serious issues, on one Linux
install Evo was completely unusable. I still have tons of annoying
issues. On different Linux, with different versions, all 3.x.

I'll stay with Evo and stay subscribed to this list and will report
those issues in the future, I don't have the time to care about Evo now
and only subscribed to the list, since I installed it for Windows, were
I have to test hardware, that isn't good supported for Linux. On Windows
Evo is a PITA, however, I'm not a Win user and never ever will become

A last note, I dropped GNOME, when there was the switch from 2 to 3 ;).
I'm running Xfce on all of my Linux and FreeBSD, but even there I avoid
some evil GNOME things, such as gvfs. gvfs is only good to kill USB
drives that fulfill EU regulations and I dislike several GNOME things.

When Evo is working, it's an excellent MUA.

2 Cents,

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