Re: [Evolution] attachments issue

        >  the .pdf source is indeed  there (and the mail file is
        Define huge.  1Mb? 5Mb? 100Mb? 10Gb?
around 15Mb 

Personally I wouldn't trust any mail system with that size of

        But also, is it just the sent mail that's a problem - does the
        receiving it at the other end have problems?  

OK.  So Evo is sending it correctly.

        If you send it to
        yourself, can you read it in the normal folders?  
NO, this is the issue: If I just  browse the Sent folder, and try to
open the mail with the large .pdf attchment, then Evo hangs

That's not what I meant.  If you send it to yourself - i.e put your own
address in the To: header - the mail will eventually appear in your
INBOX (as well as the sent folder) - can you then read the message OK in
your INBOX?

        If you run Evolution
        from the command line, do you see any error messages
See othe msg 

I mean when sending the message - is there something that says something
like "Error appending message to Sent Folder"?


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