Re: [Evolution] Moving from evolution to evolution

On Mon, 2012-07-02 at 20:58 -0300, Lailah wrote:

        It will not touch /home if this is a separate partition but the
default install is an "all in the same partition".  So if you upgrade
and something goes wrong, or make a clean install, and you're not an
experienced user you will get your /home folder nuked.

I said nothing to contradict that, but it's not the point of the thread.
Doing a fresh install is a way to "clean out old release remnants", e.g.
stuff you installed and forgot about, but doing it to remove old
dot-files is ridiculous. Presumably you have a backup of your home
directory which you are going to restore after the fresh install, so
what do you gain? Absolutely nothing.

[BTW, not quoting the part of a message you want to comment on is nearly
as bad as top-posting. Some might even say it's worse. I had to go
search in old mail to recall what I had said about this topic].


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