Re: [Evolution] Moving from evolution to evolution

On Sat, 2012-06-30 at 19:14 -0700, MR ZenWiz wrote:
I recently installed Xubuntu 12.04 on my home desktop, and the new
evolution does not recognize the old configuration of my on-board
email files. 

If Evolution finds old style config and data files then it will attempt
to convert them into the new formats and use them.  This process can be
seen if you start Evolution from the command line.  If those files are
in the wrong place or unreadable or corrupt, then obviously Evolution is
going to find it difficult.

 I tried to import the mail from my old folder set 

How? What did you try to import?

was completely preserved, but I also have it backed up),

Backed up in what way?  As a filesystem backup or an Evolution backup?

Is there an easier way to get evolution to recognize the old mail
folders, or import them all at once? 

As has been said on this list a few times in the last few months ...
create an account of type "MBOX folder" and point it at the directory
where all your MBOX files are - your mail will then appear as a separate
account in the folder tree and you can copy and paste all the folders
into where you mail normally is.

 I have over 40 folders to do,
and little time for that sort of tedium. 

Life's a bitch ain't it...

 That may sound elitist, 

No comment ...

if I'm going to go through that much work, I'm thinking of going to a
different emailer where this won't happen again.

I'd be interested to hear of a mailer where you can be guaranteed it
won't ever happen again - Evolution does the upgrade between versions
very, very well.  I've never had a problem and I've been using Evolution
since the Ximian days and upgraded countless times. 

It seems to me that all the people who have had problems with the
upgrade process recently have been Ubuntu users and I wonder if there is
something they've done in the packaging or configuration that is causing

And if you really want to isolate any mail client from this sort of
thing, then you need to store your mail on-line and use something like
IMAP to access it rather than downloading it and storing it on your
local computer.


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