Re: [Evolution] Yahoo IMAP stopped working

On Mon, 2012-07-02 at 18:13 -0500, Eugene Kanter wrote:
For me since approximately mid June. Error is:

Unexpected response from IMAP server: <string>

Where <string> is pretty much any random header line like From:,
Return-Path, Subject etc.

It simultaneously stopped working on Evolution 3.2.3 Fedora 16 and a
previous version on Fedora 14

Does anyone see this? This error forced me to use Thundebird for Yahoo

Please can you run evolution from a terminal with CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx set
in the environment, and capture its output (perhaps run in 'script').

File a bug with the end of the output leading up to this error. Make
sure it includes last command we send to the server, and all of its

It sounds like Yahoo! broke their mail server, but we should be able to
work out what's happening and perhaps try to work around it.


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