[Evolution] Moving from evolution to evolution

I recently installed Xubuntu 12.04 on my home desktop, and the new
evolution does not recognize the old configuration of my on-board
email files.  I tried to import the mail from my old folder set (which
was completely preserved, but I also have it backed up), but it only
read in one folder and all of the mail in it was marked as unread.

Is there an easier way to get evolution to recognize the old mail
folders, or import them all at once?  I have over 40 folders to do,
and little time for that sort of tedium.  That may sound elitist, but
if I'm going to go through that much work, I'm thinking of going to a
different emailer where this won't happen again.

Or am I missing something really simple so I don't need to do that much work?



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