[Evolution] Need help with older Evolution install

Using 2.28.3 on an older Linux box (Ubuntu 10.04).  I have the strangest
problem -- and I don't know why Evolution is behaving so strangely.

I have about 90 people in an address book to whom I send regular
e-mails.  No spam.  On this box, in the past, I had no trouble going to
the address book, selecting all the names, and then indicating I want to
bcc: to each of them.  Lately, out of the blue, I now get only four
names to paste into the bcc: field.  It's always the same four names.
When I experiment and try to cc: to them, I get another three names --
always the same three names!

Anyone know what's going on here?  For the record, the mailing list was
exported from gmail, using the ldif format.  I've looked at the ldif
file, and I can't see why this behavior is occurring. 

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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