Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

Please be patient. Here in Brazil there are more people with this

And THAT is the key bit of information:

Google for 

   mandriva evolution passwords

First hit

In that forum post it says:

  "I think that the problem is in Czech localization of Mandriva with
KDE. If i try it on English Mandriva it works fine. But on Czech
Mandriva it dosn't work at all. "

The keyrings that are created by Evo on your system aren't by any chance
called "padrÃo.keyring" are they? (Rather than "default.keyring")

By the looks of it, and comparing various bug reports, it seems to be to
do with non-ascii characters in the translation of 'default' - i.e. the
German version (vorgabe.keyring) works OK.

File a bug against Mandriva for this - it isn't an Evo problem


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