Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

Again, uninstall the EVO.

Removed all files or folders that had the name "Evolution" on my system,
included the parent folders.

After EVO reinstalled, the problems continue.

Well as, I think, others have said, it's actually not an issue with
Evolution itself, it's to do with gnome-keyring.  Or specifically I
suspect it's because the password keyring doesn't exist.  So continually
uninstalling and re-installing Evo will not do any good - in fact it
rarely does any good on Linux unless something is corrupted in the

There are outstanding questions you haven't answered.  Like when you run
seahorse, what do you see?  There should be at least two (I think)
password keyrings called "Passwords: default" and "Passwords:login".  If
you don't see those, then create a new keyring (File -> New -> Password
Keyring) and call it 'default' and give it a suitable password.  When
it's been created select it in the main window of seahorse, right-click
and select "Set as default".  The password you give this keyring will be
asked for once per session when you first use any information in there -
it should not ask for it again until after you login again.

Now start Evo and it will ask you for a password to unlock the keyring.
It will now be able to store your imap passwords.

You said in one of your messages that ~/.gnome2/keyrings was deleted -
that's probably why you are having problems - Evo probably doesn't
create the keyrings if they aren't there already.  Creating it manually
will at least give Evo somewhere to store the passwords.


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