Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 19:16 -0200, Sergio Gelli wrote:
Em Qui, 2011-02-17 Ãs 15:38 +0000, Pete Biggs escreveu: 
You said in one of your messages that ~/.gnome2/keyrings was deleted -
that's probably why you are having problems - Evo probably doesn't
create the keyrings if they aren't there already.  Creating it manually
will at least give Evo somewhere to store the passwords.

EVO is having problems with login and password with the PC in my
office working.

Yes, we realise that - that's why we are trying to help you.  (BTW,
people often use the term 'PC' to refer to a MS/Windows machine, I
presume this isn't the case for you and that you are running some
variant of Linux?)

Also use EVO at my residence and in that PC 
I'm using version 2,28,2
I do not have installed seahorse
The folder gnome2/keyrings never existed on this PC

And everything works fine
So it seems that these things are not causing the problem.
Neither seahorse or keyrings;

Seahorse is just a program to manipulate (amongst other things) the
Gnome keyring - it's not used by Evolution at all.

What will be the culprit? 

The 'culprit' is that Evo is having problems storing your password
somewhere.  The normal/usual place that Evo stores passwords is in the
Gnome keyring.  I don't know if there is a fall back position where it
stores them somewhere else.

Also, and I don't think anyone has actually asked this yet because it
may be a bit obvious, but in the account configuration, do you have the
box ticked that says "Remember Password"?

Ultimately, uou should probably try the following things:

- Run Evo from the command line - it may tell you where the problem is.

- Setup the gnome keyrings (as I said in another message) to see if Evo
actually uses it if it is there.

- Possibly stop the keyring daemon to see if Evo can store things

The bottom line is that it *does* work for everyone else under both
Gnome and KDE, so it is a configuration problem with your environment.


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