Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

On Mon, 2011-02-21 at 10:11 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote: 
On Sat, 2011-02-19 at 19:16 -0200, Sergio Gelli wrote:
Also use EVO at my residence and in that PC 
I'm using version 2,28,2
I do not have installed seahorse
The folder gnome2/keyrings never existed on this PC
And everything works fine
So it seems that these things are not causing the problem.
Neither seahorse or keyrings;
Seahorse is just a program to manipulate (amongst other things) the
Gnome keyring - it's not used by Evolution at all.

I don't understand how "I do not have installed seahorse" and "seems
that these things are not causing the problem" go together.

Seahorse is not used by Evolution; but it is utility to edit the
keyrings that are used by Evolution. 

1.) Install Seahorse
2.) Run Seahorse
3.) Do you see a keyring?
3.1.) Can you access the keyring.

The 'culprit' is that Evo is having problems storing your password
somewhere.  The normal/usual place that Evo stores passwords is in the
Gnome keyring.  I don't know if there is a fall back position where it
stores them somewhere else.
Also, and I don't think anyone has actually asked this yet because it
may be a bit obvious, but in the account configuration, do you have the
box ticked that says "Remember Password"?


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