Re: [Evolution] always keeps asking for password

On Mon, 2011-02-21 at 12:19 -0300, Sergio Gelli wrote:

Em Seg, 2011-02-21 Ãs 13:20 +0000, Pete Biggs escreveu:

So there is DEFINITELY something wrong with your keyring.
        Now start Evo and it will ask you for a password to unlock the keyring.
        It will now be able to store your imap passwords.

Did you try and do what I suggested?

Yes, but the problem remains the same.

1-The seahorse has been uninstalled and reinstalled.

2-The gnome2 folder was deleted and was created again automatically.

Every time I open the EVO, a new  is created in gnome2/keyrings

I tried manually create a key with Seahorse, but does not resolve.

Now that I started EVO 3 times, there are four keys inside the folder
One, I created manually
Three, created by EVO after I entered my password

Please be patient. Here in Brazil there are more people with this

- Possibly stop the keyring daemon to see if Evo can store things

Have you tried this?
When I kill the process PID gnome-keyrings back to run automatically.
  How do I stop deamon?

In any case, I uninstalled gnome-keyring and the problem continued.

Well people have been trying to help you solve the problem and we have
told you what the problem is, but you seem to ignore the suggestions (or
don't believe us) and keep asking how to solve it.  We are trying. 

I used all suggestions.
Perhaps not correctly. The problem remains, so I have to keep asking
what to do.
Sorry, but I have no other way.

On a hunch I Googled for "Mandriva gnome keyring" and got this:

That suggests to me that the problem is with Mandriva, not with Gnome or
Evolution. You should take this up with your distro support.


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