Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 18:31 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 23:10 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
I thought we were going the other way now, as you proposed I.e.
Reply To List into Reply To All when no list headers are detected.

Remember, there are three different things which are affected...

1. For the *keystroke* (Ctrl-L): What's the point? If you mean
   Ctrl-Shift-R, why not just press that instead?

Because that's not what I mean. I mean Ctrl-L and Shift-Ctrl-R is a
fallback, not the other way round. Every time I've replied to one of
your messages in this thread I've automatically hit Ctrl-L and it hasn't
worked, so I've had to pause and hit Shift-Ctrl-R. That's because you
aren't using the List-* headers, which I find very annoying since it
does work most of the time on this list. If Ctrl-L just worked I
wouldn't bother about it much.

I think that's perhaps because you're replying to the message you
receive directly, not the message you receive from the list? Obviously
the *direct* message doesn't have any List-* headers.

In my case, the direct copy of the message arrives (almost instantly) in
my inbox while the list copy arrives (some time later) in my list
folder. Ctrl-L would work on the latter, but obviously not on the

2. For the *menu item* in the Message menu, it'd just be confusing. At
   the moment there is already a 'Reply to All' menu item, and a
'Reply to List' item which may be greyed out. Turning the latter into
a duplicate 'Reply to All' menu item would be wrong.

It wouldn't be a duplicate since it would have its own shortcut.

There would be two items in the 'Message' menu which are both labelled
'Reply to All'. Yes, they'd have separate shortcuts. I'll skip the
philosophical discussion about whether they're duplicates of each
other :)

 In fact it could even say Reply To List.

In that case, the one-line patch I posted earlier (to just always enable
the Reply-to-list option) would suffice, surely?


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