Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 12:01 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
When the message being replied to is *not* a list message (i.e. the
List-* headers -- specifically List-Post -- are not present), then
everything works as now, except that Reply To List (Ctrl-L) has the same
effect as Reply To All (Shift-Ctrl-R).

When List-Post is present, Ctrl-L has the same effect as currently, i.e.
it replies to the List-Post address only.

That can be rephrased as simply "enable the Reply-to-list option even
when not looking at a list message". Or, in 'diff -up' form:

 diff --git a/mail/e-mail-reader.c b/mail/e-mail-reader.c
index 795dfcd..1b6c518 100644
--- a/mail/e-mail-reader.c
+++ b/mail/e-mail-reader.c
@@ -2402,8 +2437,7 @@ mail_reader_update_actions (EMailReader *reader)
        gtk_action_set_sensitive (action, sensitive);
        action_name = "mail-reply-list";
-       sensitive = have_an_account && single_message_selected &&
-               selection_is_mailing_list;
+       sensitive = have_an_account && single_message_selected;
        action = e_mail_reader_get_action (reader, action_name);
        gtk_action_set_sensitive (action, sensitive);

But if you want a key-combo which does this "reply to all or list"
thing, then I suspect you'd do better to use Ctrl-Shift-R and the patch
in for that.

Otherwise we'll get users being confused that the 'Reply to list' menu
item is enabled even on non-list messages.

In all cases, Reply To Sender (Ctrl-R) works exactly as now.

A new Reply To Author action (no shortcut) replies only to the message
originator, even when the message is from a munged list. Munged lists
are detected by comparing the Reply-To header with the List-Post header
(note that the former is an address while the latter is a URI). If they
don't match, do the same as Ctrl-R. If they do match, ignore Reply-To
and do the same as Ctrl-R.

That's a really good idea, and I'd probably make an option for the
"normal" reply to do that. After all, that's what the normal reply
option is *supposed* to do.


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