Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Mon, 2010-07-12 at 10:14 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
Note: this is a comment on Evo itself, rather than the Evo list.

As someone who posts quite a lot on this list, I'm forever having to
deal with people replying to my personal address rather than the list
address. Of course they should be using Reply To List (Ctrl-L) or even
Reply-To-All (Shift-Ctrl-R) but occasionally they forget and use just
Reply (Ctrl-R) so one has to remind them. I'm sure other frequent
contributors find the same thing.

An obvious solution to this is to do what Kmail does. When the message
being replied to contains a List-Post header, Ctrl-R should do the same
as Ctrl-L. There should also be a Reply-To-Author command for the rare
case when the reply should be directed to the message Reply-To field,
presumably the author's personal address.

This would work on lists, including this one, which follow RFC-2822 and
don't do "Reply-To munging". For those that do munge the Reply-To field,
a reply to the author would require some editing, but that's already the
case with these lists so nothing is lost.

(Those who follow the Fedora Users list will know there's been a long
thread about munging, which that list does do.)

I've rethought this proposal in the light of comments by several people,
particularly David Woodhouse. This proposal supersedes the original and
seeks to minimize trauma and give some extra funcionality:

When the message being replied to is *not* a list message (i.e. the
List-* headers -- specifically List-Post -- are not present), then
everything works as now, except that Reply To List (Ctrl-L) has the same
effect as Reply To All (Shift-Ctrl-R).

When List-Post is present, Ctrl-L has the same effect as currently, i.e.
it replies to the List-Post address only.

In all cases, Reply To Sender (Ctrl-R) works exactly as now.

A new Reply To Author action (no shortcut) replies only to the message
originator, even when the message is from a munged list. Munged lists
are detected by comparing the Reply-To header with the List-Post header
(note that the former is an address while the latter is a URI). If they
don't match, do the same as Ctrl-R. If they do match, ignore Reply-To
and do the same as Ctrl-R.


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