Re: [Evolution] What happened to Evolution?

Ummmm, last I checked SQL Server IS a SQL database man. But back to the more important topic of how to improve Evolution....

Also, SQL database technologies are designed specifically for scalability so products don't brew their own and do it poorly.

On 12/22/2010 10:23 AM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Wed, 2010-12-22 at 09:29 -0500, Darren Govoni wrote:
How do you mean it would 'die horribly'?
Exactly that.  If you used SQLlite as a message store you'd have serious
scaling issues.

After all, email servers store their messages in databases so they
don't get corrupted.
Which ones?  I'm not aware of any mail server other than Archaeopteryx
that use an SQL database as a message store. [Exchange / Sharepoint use
SQL-Server and Domino used DB2 - but "sort of", they have deep hooks
into that product].  And nobody use a database like SQLlite as a message
store [I tried,  used SQLite to store many serialized objects, it works
quite badly for that purpose]

Also, point #4 isn't bogus. Its intended to attract developers to
write more tools and plugins against the data format.
Not really for users to hack their messages.
Disagree, a developer creating tools and plugins should use the
applications API&  services not sneak into its data store.

But at this point this is theoretical and off-topic.

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