[Evolution] What happened to Evolution?

  I recently upgraded Fedora 13 to Fedora 14. I've been using Evolution for many, many years.
With this new gnome version it has become unstable and almost unusable.

1) I now get frequent "error storing folders", "error generating message list"
2) It's so slow. It is always "Storing folder", taking almost minutes to complete. Its on average 5-8x slower
downloading, storing and viewing messages.
3) Its very buggy. When new messages arrive, they no longer show up in the folder I'm viewing.
I have to click another folder and click back to see them.
4) For the first time ever, it corrupted my email files and I had to recover from backup.

What has happened here? And why doesn't Evolution use a database with ACID to store
emails? Seems obvious to me.

Any ideas?


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