Re: [Evolution] What happened to Evolution?

On Wed, 2010-12-22 at 04:10 -0500, darren ontrenet com wrote:

Many people don't leave their messages on ISP servers because of quotas,

Get a better ISP.

so then they get downloaded to their local machine. Where you want fast,
reliable access to them (e.g. searching, sorting, etc.) Unfortunately,
without ACID principles, your local email will get corrupted. And most
don't want that.

Because database technology (embedded or otherwise), use things called
'transactions' it protects the data. If you brew your own 'local storage
system' like Evolution, you have what we have now which is unreliable and

My turn to say "Huh?".

In what way has Evo "brewed" it's own storage system?  It uses standard
MBOX files on top of the native filesystem.  That's about as standard as
it gets.  All the rest of the stuff that Evo uses (like the index files)
are purely to try and speed up searching and accessing those files.
There's no doubt that MBOX files can be fragile if you get impatient and
interrupt a program's access to them while they are being written,
especially if they are large - that's why Evo provides other file
formats - based on standards - such as Maildir and MH.

However, if you really feel that Evo would benefit from using some
proprietary format backed database for mail, then I'm sure the devs
would be more than happy to look at any code you submit.


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