Re: [Evolution] Disable header changing in IMAP?

Quick list of imap filtering:

1. Download message, make it as deleted
2. Check message for spam clues, place results in headers
3. Upload checked version to server
4. Purge deleted message

Somehow, only when evolution is open, the deleted copy becomes
undeleted.  Then purge does nothing.

Are you saying that you are fiddling around with the mailfolder that evo
already has open over imap?  Effectively you have two imap processes
both trying to do things with the same inbox?

I've just had a look at the spambayes web page and it does indeed look
like it talks to the imap server directly.  In my exprience, multiple
clients connected to the same imap mailboxes is a problem - not just for
Evo, but for other clients as well.  I think it depends on how much they
cache and what the cache coherency algorithms are like - it also depends
a lot on the specific imap daemon the server uses.

This also happens on a co worker's system who uses spambayes and
evolution.  I used balsa for a while today and the problem never
occured, but when I opened evo again I had a dupe in the first 10

10 minutes isn't by any chance the interval between checking for new


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